I am an art historian and curator with a specialization in performance art, feminist art, the emotion of disgust in art, and art from Yugoslavia and its successor states. Originally trained as a visual artist, I decided to add some theoretical depth and pursued a Master’s degree in Art Pedagogy, Art History, and Philosophy (2008) followed by a PhD in art history from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich (2011).  For my dissertation I investigated the emotion of disgust in Paul McCarthy’s performative installations and their multi-layered intertwinement with Western consumerism and entertainment culture. I have worked with institutes such as Munich’s Haus der Kunst, the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, PerformanceHUB Belgrade, and the NODE Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin. Art history is my absolute passion and I am committed to identifying and developing projects that will help complexify the discipline and challenge its canons in order to more accurately reflect the multitude of voices and approaches that artistic creation entails and to make art history more inclusive in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, as well as geographic and cultural regions.