ECC Performance Art now online!

Performance art is a discipline which is highly complex both with regards to media used and topics addressed and remains one of the most important art forms of the present. Yet it still greatly suffers from the dominance of object-based art market economies, the stubborn persistence of traditional value systems, and underrepresentation in art historical scholarship and public display. Most glaringly, however, there is still a lack of comprehensive education and training possibilities for performance artists and scholars alike, as well as only rare opportunities for disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchange.

This is why I, together with the European Cultural Centers and a team of specialists, launched ECC Performance Art, a teaching and research institute for performance artists and theorists. Whether you are just starting off as an emerging artist or scholar, seek to deepen aspects of your work, or look for new inspirations, we offer a variety of online and in-situ classes and workshops to help you do so. Do you want to share your work, develop it in dialogue with like-minded people, and become part of a global performance art community? Then our “Research and Practice” platform might be a good option.

We believe that, by bringing performance artists, scholars, curators and those just plainly interested in the medium, together and offering them a variety of tools, insights, and stimuli, the discipline can significantly be strengthened, innovative approaches fostered, and a community of performance art professionals for the future be built.

Please visit our website for more info, a selection of classes on themes such as Feminisms and Performance Art, Performance Art Documentation, or New Technologies for Performance Art:

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